Royal Visit 20th July 2002

Letter to David Robinson posted on the village notice board.

Royal visit 2002

From The Assistant Private Secretary to HRH The Prince of Wales

Dear David.

The Prince of Wales has asked me to thank you for all that you did to make his visit to Llandrillo so enjoyable. It was one of the happiest and most memorable visits which His Royal Highness has ever undertaken and it will live long in his memory.

The Prince of Wales could not be more grateful to all in the village for the warmth of the welcome which they gave him and the enormous amount of hard work which had clearly gone into the arrangements - it touched him more than you will ever know. His Royal Highness particularly enjoyed being able to try out the new Bowling Green, although he was more proud of his efforts potting a ball on the Pool table in The Dudley Arms! The children sang quite beautifully and His Royal Highness has asked if you would be kind enough to pass on his thanks to them and to Mrs Owen.

The Prince of Wales was most grateful to Mr and Mrs Owen for allowing him to meet some of the farmers and others from the village in The Dudley Arms. It is a splendid pub and it gave him the perfect respite in a busy day. His Royal Highness was particulary impressed by Mr and Mrs Penney's effort with the village shop They are clearly doing a wonderful job which is much appreciated by the villagers.

His Royal Highness will never forget the extraordinary beauty of the flower festival in St Trillo's. It seemed that wherever one looked there was another wonderful and imaginative display. He could not have been more pleased to see some of the remarkable quilts on display and he was deeply impressed by the sewing skills which are being employed on the new alter covering. The organ playing and then the handbell ringing added the perfect touches to a special visit. His Royal Highness has asked if you would be kind enough to pass on his thanks to the Reverand Roberts.

The Prince of Wales was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to see your magnificent old Yew tree - one can only wonder at what it has seen over the past 1500 years...Hazel Watkins poem beautifully captured its majesty and mystery.

But perhaps the most touching part of the visit was that wonderful 'Croeso' spelt out in straw bales. It was a 'first' and it could not have been a more perfect start to his visit.

The Prince of Wales has asked me send you and all in Llandrillo his warmest good wishes and heartfelt thanks.

Miss Elizabeth Buchanan

During his visit to North Wales H.R.H Prince Charles came to Llandrillo to officially open the new bowling green.

Royal visit 2002 Bowling club members setting up various information signs
  Royal visit 2002
Royal visit 2002 The bowling green
  Royal visit 2002
Royal visit 2002 Sponsers banner
The Dudley Arms Decorated Royal visit 2002
Royal visit 2002  
  Royal visit 2002

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